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Have you ever had something that you just had….. to wear, but didn’t know exactly what to wear it with 🤔? That’s what was going on with this coat! I’ve worn it before with a more dressy look,and wanted a more relaxed feel this time. It’s a statement piece, so it was very important for me to find a way to compliment the coat without over doing it.

Often times I let my clothes speak to me. The coat said, “ Hello …. here’s the color palette you need right in front of you!” 😩🙌🏽 Using the navy blue turtle neck and the chocolate-brown houndstooth pant was exactly what I needed to complete this look. The coat has a rich navy blue tone with an amazing chocolate-brown collar, so it was no need to mess with it’s perfection. Just a little tip always think about accessories. Accessories add the little details to complete your look. As you can see I’ve added a glove, belt , and watch. Please……..share and comment. Also feel free to email me with any questions, suggestions or topics you would like to see editorialjames cover.

Per the usual, I have to tell you all about my FINDS!!! So here’s the breakdown:

Vintage Coat – Salvation Army  ( Downtown Brooklyn) $45  it was 50% off the ticketed price

Club Monaco pants  – Salvation Army 15 dollars

Zara turtleneck on sale $15.99