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Who wore it best ??? I’m going to definitely give the award 🥇to Michael B. Jordan and his stylist Ade Samuel for this look. Louis Vuitton menswear artistic director Virgil Abloh is amazing at what he does. We have all the evidence of that in this suit 🙌🏽.

Unfortunately ……. I don’t have Louis Vuitton money just yet 😩 (but it’s coming). The creative side of me said,”how can we recreate this look🤔”? So I had this maya blue suit from Zara, it was apart of their spring collection. The belt was the missing piece that I needed. I went on a search and was having no luck at all. Just as as I was about to give up, I stopped in a little shop on the corner of Marcus Garvey & Fulton here in Brooklyn NY it had all types of finds. Hats, glasses, jewelry, socks etc and yes belts. BOOM 💥 there was the belt, the right color,length and everything. I opened the side back seam of the jacket to attach one end of the belt. Now the only thing left to do was to cut off the other end, and attached the buckle to the front of the jacket.

Hopefully this inspires/ encourages someone. Just because you can’t afford the high end designer look, does not mean you can’t recreate it and have the same vibe. Now go and be CREATIVE ❤️ #editorialjames