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Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints

When thinking about the Christmas holidays, your plaids and reds definitely come to mind. I’ve found that plaids can sometimes be a hit or miss. The wrong combination of plaid and add the wrong color, Lord here comes the circus 🎪😩😂. So a way to keep with traditions with a modern twist, is mixing prints.

My first suggestion is to make sure both prints have the same/ similar color combination, so that the look is cohesive. Generally there is a more dominant print  (which is the plaid in this look) and your added print should be either smaller or more exaggerated. This look is screaming Merry Christmas and I am ready for the holiday parties. I want to see some of your holiday looks, be sure to #editorialjames. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I can hear someone saying wait …. where is the deals ???  Well the pants are Zara, I got them from Out of the Closet for $15 🙌🏽🙌🏽

So here’s the break down 

Zara shirt – Zara

Zara pants- Out of the Closet  

Puma Fenty shoes- Nordstrom Rack

Level Up

Level Up

Listen…. I’m always trying to think of ways to take my look to the next level. Each element adds a little something different to achieve this editorial look. Can you say cmon vest …. 🙌🏽, we all need options depending on the occasion. Different textures and patterns just to give a little excitement to any look. The plaid, stripes, and prints give a little drama, whereas the solid pieces ground the whole look. I try and use the same color palette when mixing prints just to make sure it’s all cohesive.

So … you know I have to tell you about the deals I found thrifting 🙌🏽! Which includes the coat, (not including the collar) vest, shirt, and bag

So here is the break down:

Brooklyn  Industries over coat – Goodwill $30

Thomas Pink shirt – Salvation Army $15

Vest – Salvation Army $3

Vintage leather bag  – Salvation Army $7

Suit – Zara

Shoes – To Boot New York

Ike Behar gloves – Century 21 $15






Elevated Black

Elevated Black

When in doubt wear all Black, it’s my go to. It works for most occasions, weather, and when you just don’t feel like finding that right print combination or color scheme to make your outfit sing lol. So before we dive right in, can you believe this outfit cost me less than $120 😱(excluding the belt and boots). How…….. you may ask ???? Thrifting is the way people the truth and the light 🙌🏽. Often times when we think of thrift stores, old and vintage clothing come to mind. But in all actuality you can find great gently used, name brand and designer pieces. Let me know your thoughts on this look . What are some of your fashion go to’s ????

So here is the break down:                                                                                                                                                                           

1. UNIQLO jacket
    Salvation Army $25

2. Added real fur collar
    Salvation Army $30

3. Vintage double breasted sweater
    Goodwill $15

4. Armani Exchange jeans
    Salvation Army $20
5. Nordstrom Rack gloves – $15
6. Street Vendor hat  – $5

Total = $110 (AllSaints boots & Gucci belt)